Direct Control of D.A.V College Managing Committee, New Delhi.

News and Media  
61 Swachhata Hi Seva- Swachha Bharat Abhiyan 01-Oct-2023 Click to view
60 Investiture Ceremony- "Shourya" 13-Aug-2023 Click to view
59 DAV PS Malighat Welcomes Hon'ble Chairman LMC-Dr. K C Satapathy 08-Aug-2023 Click to view
58 DAV PS Malighat Promotes "Book Reading Day" 23-Jul-2023 Click to view
57 International Yoga Day-2023 21-Jun-2023 Click to view
56 Republic Day-2023 01-Feb-2023 Click to view
55 The Glorious Journey of DAV PS Malighat, Muzaffarpur 30-Jan-2023 Click to view
54 Invitation Annual Function-2023, DAV Public School, Malighat, Muzaffarpur 12-Jan-2023 Click to view
53 Cultural Activities: DAV Literature Conclave 13-Nov-2022 Click to view
52 DAV Literature Conclave: A Joint Venture of DAV CAE & DAV United 27-Oct-2022 Click to view
51 Happy Teachers' Day-2022 10-Sept-2022 Click to view
50 Lakshya: The Goal", Award-Cum-Swearing-in Ceremony 24-Aug-2022 Click to view
49 Celebrates Independence Day-2022 17-Aug-2022 Click to view
48 International Yoga Day 2022 21-Jun-2022 Click to view
47 Grandparents Day: Pratibimb "A Reflection..." 2022 15-May-2022 Click to view
46 Celebrates "Mother's Day 2022 09-May-2022 Click to view
45 Happy International Labour Day 2022 01-May-2022 Click to view
44 A Ceremony of Aura of Wisdom to a Blissful Adieu 27-Apr-2022 Click to view
43 A string of Events-Aavartan", 2022 18-Apr-2022 Click to view
42 Aavartan"- A ceremony of aura of wisdom & a blissful adieu 28-Mar-2022 Click to view
41 Celebrates "International Women's Day-2022 10-Mar-2022 Click to view
40 Curriculum, Learner-Centered Pedagogy, Learning Outcomes and Inclusive Education 08-Mar-2022 Click to view
39 CBP "My Slate to Whiteboard" by Dr Bharati Nayak and organized by Sahaodaya School Muz 02-Mar-2022 Click to view
38 Swami Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti 2022 28-Feb-2022 Click to view
37 DAV PS Malighat pays Homage to beloved Lata Mangeshkar Ji 09-Feb-2022 Click to view
36 A tribute to the great soul Mahatma N D Grover-2022 07-Feb-2022 Click to view
35 Happy Republic Day-DAV Malighat, Muzaffarpur (Full Programme) 29-Jan-2022 Click to view
34 Happy Republic Day "Badhte Kadam"-2022 26-Jan-2022 Click to view
33 Guru Nanak Jayanti, 2021 19-Nov-2021 Click to view
32 Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti 03-Oct-2021 Click to view
31 Happy Teachers Day 05-Sept-2021 Click to view
30 National Sports Day 2021 29-Aug-2021 Click to view
29 Independence Day Greeting From DAV Public School, Malighat 15-Aug-2021 Click to view
28 Van Mahotsava 07-Jul-2021 Click to view
27 International Yoga Day 22-Jun-2021 Click to view
26 Happy Father's day 22-Jun-2021 Click to view
25 Virtual Summer Camp "Malhar" - Day - 3 21-Jun-2021 Click to view
24 Virtual Summer Camp "Malhar" - Day - 2 20-Jun-2021 Click to view
23 Virtual Summer Camp "Malhar"-Day-1 19-Jun-2021 Click to view
22 Mother's Day 09-May-2021 Click to view
21 Celebrates Mahatma Hansraj Day 19-Apr-2021 Click to view
20 Welcome Morning Assembly 13-Apr-2021 Click to view
19 Flashback of 2020 14-Mar-2021 Click to view
18 Step-by-step method for Online Annual Exam, 2021 25-Feb-2021 Click to view
17 A tribute to the great soul Mahatma N D Grover 06-Feb-2021 Click to view
16 Annual Exhibition: "AVA-A Ray of Hope..." Invitation 22-Jan-2021 Click to view
15 Disha-A New Beginning 31-Dec-2020 Click to view
14 Vijay Diwas Celebrated 16-Dec-2020 Click to view
13 Human Rights Day 12-Dec-2020 Click to view
12 Happy Diwali, Children's Day and Chhath 15-Nov-2020 Click to view
11 Vigilance Awareness Week-2020 11-Nov-2020 Click to view
10 Commemorates the inception of United Nations Organization 02-Nov-2020 Click to view
9 Dussehra Celebration 25-Oct-2020 Click to view
8 Gandhi Jayanti, 2020 06-Oct-2020 Click to view
7 Join online classes/meeting on Microsoft Teams, step-by-step process 20-Aug-2020 Click to view
6 Independence Day 15-Aug-2020 Click to view
5 Prayer to God to Eliminate Corona Pandemic from World 26-Jul-2020 Click to view
4 CBSE AISSE/AISSCE-2020 exam-Outstanding Performance 24-Jul-2020 Click to view
3 International Yoga Day 29-Jun-2020 Click to view
2 A ray of hope-"Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah" 24-May-2020 Click to view
1 A Motivational Video on COVID-19 by DAV Public School, Malighat, Muzaffarpur, Bihar 17-May-2020 Click to view


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