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Success Mantra  

Students are expected to learn and know many things to keep themselves afloat in the turmoil of competition. Be it studies, games or hobbies every area needs proficiency of high order. To achieve this, there are two ways.

The first, anything you do you adopt a system you plan. Organise the things in order, learn the techniques and learn to do the things. You maintain them in your records systematically for a future reference. If such a habit is developed, anything you do, it is appreciated and accepted by one and all.

The second is, you do anything in a "some how way". In this there is nothing called "system" or "organised". Everything that is done, there is no beginning, there is one end. So at no place one can explain the position. No one can say how much one knows. So the position will be, -one knows, but doesn't know.

The presentation of the work in an unorganized form, is shabby to look at. There can be no appreciation: rather there will be negation or rejection. Moreover, one himself or herself feels lazy to undertake any kind of work, afresh or to continue the unfinished work, if the place of work is untidy. Therefore it is necessary to cultivate the habit of doing things neatly and systematically.

It is said that in defence all works are done in order whether it is doing exercise or dismantling and assembling a machine, delivering a lecture or maintaining records all are done in a system.

If you want to achieve high proficiency, appreciation from your authorities and climb the ladders of success, develop systems and get in to them, making the systems your habits. Whether it is doing your morning chores, getting ready for the school, having your breakfast, lunch or dinner. studying your lessons, rearranging the books and other study materials after studies are over every day, or setting your games equipment back in their places after the game. If they are returned back in their respective places in order, you save time in finding them, it looks niec and you feel pleased, happy and satisfied.

When you develop the habit of organised way of living, everything is at your access and things are in an organised way in your mind, and you may recall them at your will. And above all, success seems at hand, within your reach.

You wish to succeed and raise your head with pride or you wish to put your head down with shame in confusion, you have to decide.

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