Direct Control of D.A.V College Managing Committee, New Delhi.

Vision And Mission  

Our Vision


Educates for life

Instills vedic values

Ignites letent talents

Nurtures human skills

Stirs national consciousness

Inculcate techno vision

Sensitizes towards social and environmental concerns

Infuses global outlook

  • To continue expanding and exploring, locally and globally and be a knowledge leader and content provider.
  • To muster strategies to become a global epicenter of knowledge culture, skills, technology, research and service.
  • To empower women through education.
  • The logo embraces Mantra "असतो मा सद्ममय तमसो मा योतिर्गमय। TAMSO MA JYOTIRGAMAYA" which has been taken from BHRADARANYAKA Upanishada which means" Lead us from Unreal to the Real, Lead us from Darkness to Light."
  • The Lighted candle on the four Vedas signifies the spread of knowledge that will enlighten our lives and show us the way to lead a life of humility and righteousness.

Our Vision

A Relentless Quest

To impact holistic education for a better tomorrow

with the spiritualism of the orient and pragmatism of the west;

To groom indivisuals to be physically well-developed and

energetic, morally upright, intellectually well informed,

socially concerned, emotionally balanced and culturally concious;

To instill in young minds a sence of rational perspective, clear vision,

positive mind-set and self esteem.

The DAV vision of education telescopes well with the National Policy of Education 1986 and NEP 2020 which lay great emphasis on developing a national system of education, with Education for All. Keeping in mind the elimination of disparities in the education system and provision of more facilities through qualitative interventions, empowerment of women, access to education to disadvantaged sections of the society, educationally backward minorities and the disabled. It also calls for greater rigour and discipline in academic pursuits, autonomy and accountability, experimentation and innovation and nurture excellence and modernization of processes at different levels of education. In order to accomplish the mission, the objectives laid down are as under:

  • To provide a wide range of holistic education by homogenizing the western knowledge while remaining anchored to the Indian cultural moorings;
  • To act as a catalyst of change by spreading education and by dismantling the cobwebs of ignorance and illiteracy;
  • To develop individuals who are morally upright, intellectually well-informed, socially concerned, emotionally balanced, physically well- developed and culturally accomplished;
  • To stimulate a scientific temper by crusading against superstitions and out-dated customs like child marriage, caste system, female foeticide, dowry, gender bias, regionalism etc;
  • To sensitize individuals towards social welfare and
  • To nurture creative and resourceful minds who think big, think fast and think ahead, who care for the nation and the weaker sections of society and are imbued with humanistic passions and values.

Essence of True DAVian

  1. Abides by the school rules and helps foster harmony and efficiency.
  2. Imbibes a spirit of universal brotherhood, service to mankind, cooperation with fellow brethren, teachers and school inmates.
  3. Is tolerant, open minded, liberal in approach and attitude and to fight against bigotry and parochialism.
  4. Imbibes the Aryan virtues of politeness, kindness, nobility, integrity, honesty, service and sacrifice.
  5. Follows the school Motto " असतो मा सद्ममय " (Eschew untruth and follow the path of truth)
  6. Conducts himself/herself as Ambassadors of the school in all the situations and creates good will for his/her beloved institution.
  7. Is courteous and well mannered.
  8. Endeavours to attain the physical, vital, mental, psychological and spiritual development of personality.
  9. Observes personal cleanliness and keeps the school premises neat and clean.
  10. Safeguard’s school property and helps maintaining the school lawns, gardens and playgrounds.
  11. Abstains from ostentatious display of wealth.
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