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We should be proud for taking birth on the pious land of India which has been honoured by the birth of many saints and   Mahatmas. Swami Dayanand Saraswati was one of them. He felt the pain of the society for being free from the trap of ill practices and evils and blessed us with the DAV PUBLIC SCHOOLS. These schools are incorporating with the knowledge of modern world, changing technology and its effect on our culture and society along with the essence of Vedic culture and true sense of patriotism. These schools are the moulding centres and inspiration sources for the future generations. This noble idea of Maharishi could not have taken the form of a movement if it had not been irrigated by the honorary dedicated life time service of Mahatma Hansraj, Lala Lajpat Ray and Mahatma Narayan Das Grover. To eradicate the shadow of illiteracy and superstitions and to cater the light of education in Muzaffarpur the great visionary Mahatma Narayan Das Grover had established DAV Public School in Muzaffarpur in 1991 and dedicated it to the city to spread the light of education in this area. DAV Public School, Malighat, Muzaffarpur has established in the 2006 at the demand of the worthy parent of this area and is one among the more than 800 DAV Schools.Situated is the prime location of the town this school works for the betterment of the children by providing them education and grooming their personality. Now the school is running in its own building with the startling strength of about 3,800 students.The school is the fast growing and spreading its fame and glory around the city and in the zone by exhibiting its students’ talent and merit. We can not forget the dedicated support of the former manager Mr. H.S. Chhillar who had not left any stone unturned to establish and develop this school.Now the school is making progress under the able and dynamic guidance of Mr. S K Jha, Regional Director, Muzaffarpur Zone. He is kind enough to extend hisfull support and co- operation for the progress of the school. We can always see him at the forefront extending his kind helpand support and giving guidance whenever required. I am a proud DAVian and I welcome you all to be the part of this great institution which assures to render the best and selfless service to the society. May god bless DAV Public School, Malighat, Muzaffarpur.